Brenton Mowforth, photographer & Cocktail Content Creator

Updated: Mar 11

Portrait of Brenton Mowforth, from Cheers to Happy Hour
Brenton Mowforth, creator of Cheers to Happy Hour

This is Brenton Mowforth, from Toronto, otherwise known as Cheers to Happy Hour

Brenton is 34 years old and is originally from Ajax in Ontario. He moved to Toronto in 2009 and has been living there since. When he originally moved to the big city, he wanted to be a photographer. He started working for an agency called Next Top Model Studio and when he realized that there were actually so many photographers, he asked to be transferred to the marketing department to focus on finding work for the photographers. It turned out to be a huge success and Brenton realized that he was actually very good in marketing.

Eventually, he left the agency and started consulting. After doing it for a while, he realized that it wasn’t the best fit for him. He would find himself working in too many different industries and every time he would get a contract in a new industry, he would be the new guy again. So he tried something new and went working for an advertising agency, but again it wasn’t for him. Even if he was in senior roles, he would conceptualize ideas that would go through so many people that in the end they weren’t his ideas anymore. So Brenton went back into consulting for marketing and advertising, with a big focus on digital and social medias.

One day, he reached a point where he had tried many different things, but still hadn’t found the outcome that really worked for him. He sat there thinking about something Alan Watts said about finding what would you do for free and making a career out of it so that you will never be working a day in your life. Brenton concluded that the one thing he loved so much and was spending all his money on was going out to bars and drinking alcohol, so he started thinking about ways to carve out a niche in this.

And Cheers to Happy Hour was born. That was in September 2017. The original idea was to make classic cocktails and publish them on his channel so that people could give him feedback and he could learn from it. With time, he got mentored by some of the best bartenders of the city. He loved learning form their passions because everyone has a little something that they are extra passionate about. Some of these collaborations turned into friendship and overall it helped Brenton learn a lot. It also allowed him to meet more and more people, which was a big part of the process since the bartending community is pretty tight. Eventually, he gained enough cocktail knowledge to branch out and start creating his own recipes. He also became pretty well known in the cocktail scene and it became easier for him to collaborate. Nevertheless, Brenton is not a bartender and is pretty clear about the fact that he does not belong behind a bar. His goal is to gap a bridge between industry professionals who are so passionate and instill that passion into the consumer, so a lot of what he does now is involved around education.

Over the years, his platform grew a lot and he has become a reference for cocktail content creators. Over the last year, he received a lot of recognition. He collaborated with and took over their Instagram for a day. He was also listed in the World’s 50 Best Bars top cocktail Instagram accounts to follow, along with some other pretty cool people. Overall, his page can inspire many others who are interested in cocktails, whether it be professionally or leisurely. If you don’t know him already, we highly recommend you go check him out!

For Brenton's cocktail creation, click here.

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