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Carmen Huizapol, bar owner and brand ambassador

A portrait of Carmen Huizapol, co-owner of Cafe de Nadie in mexico City and brand ambassador for Mezcal Lipus
Carmen Huizapol

This is Carmen Huizapol, from Mexico City, co-owner of Cafe de Nadie and brand ambassador for Mezcal Lipus .

Carmen is originally from Guadalajara. She first started in the industry about twelve years ago, as a way to support her studies. Eventually, she left school and went to a different city to try something new. She bartended in Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas

for about a year, decided to come back to Mexico City and fell in love with the city. Carmen got most of her cocktail bartending back ground at restaurant Pujol , where she worked as a bartender for 3 years and then as the head bartender for another year and a half. When the pandemic hit, she took a one-year vacation and then met the guys from Cafe de Nadie . Being very passionate about music, they were looking for someone to contribute to the cocktails and spirits program. Carmen jumped on board and decided to partner with them. All the while co-owning one of Mexico’s best bars, Carmen currently studies a Sociology degree at UNAM. If you are in Mexico City, you MUST stop at her bar. We were hooked, we had to come back every day and only wish we could be back there sooner than later.

For Carmen's cocktail recipe, it's this way.



-What she love most about Mexico City: The people -The food - Every day you can go and do something different.

-Three words to describe your city: Very polite – Inclusive – Diverse.

-What is the biggest challenge for women in the industry in Mexico City? “For me, it’s to have the respect of all the men in the industry. It’s still super macho. We are working really hard every day, just the professional way, to be recognized as such and respected.”

-Top three bars/restaurants in Mexico City: - @elsellabar - @limantourmx (and why not a 4th: @cafeparaisomx )

-One bottle to bring on a desert island: Mezcal.

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