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Eder Sanchez, bar manager

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

This is Eder Sanchez, from Toronto.

Eder is the bar manager at Quetzal, in Toronto. He is originally from Mexico and moved to Canada when he was 19 years old. When he was younger, he had a dream to become a chef. He started to learn about cooking with his aunt. She taught him many techniques and instigated his interest in the culinary arts. Thus, when Eder arrived in Canada, he started to work as a cook.

Eder loved cooking. He loved crafting good things and giving people an experience. His dad, who had been a bartender in Cancun for many years, suggested him to try bartending. And so Eder went to bartending school and really liked it. He first left his cooking job for a bartender job in a night club. The night club was fun, but as you guessed it, it was more about high volume and vodka-sodas than anything else. Eder wanted to learn more and found himself a job at a Mexican restaurant called Los Colibries. This is where he really started to dive into the world of spirits. He got certified in Tequila and Mezcal. Read a lot of books, got into mixology and deepened his cocktail knowledge. With time though, he got to a point where he wanted to learn more about different spirits. He took a trip to the UK with the specific goal of learning about gin and whiskey. Upon his return, he worked at a few different bars in Toronto before joining the opening team at Quetzal. Taking part in building the place and being there from the very beginning, Quetzal has become a kind of family for him. He was promoted as the bar manager in the last year. If he sure wants to explore management roles further, one day he would also love to open his own restaurant.

Eder’s inspiration as a bartender has always been related to his passion for the culinary arts. He loves to apply his cooking skills and techniques to bartending. One day, he would like to have his own establishment to be able to serve his own ideas. Above being passionate about cocktails and food, Eder wants to share how special and unique Mexican culture is. Like he reminds us, it goes way beyond tequila and mezcal, and it’s definitely where his heart is.


A little bit more about Eder...

The three words that describe him best: chill – fun – wild

His favorite colour: Black and purple

One cocktail last on a desert island: Mezcal Margarita

What would be his last meal: Definitely tacos. Maybe tacos de barbacoa.

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