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Elise Sergerie, bar chef

Updated: May 2, 2021

A portrait of Elise Sergerie, bar chef from Montreal
Elise Sergerie

This is Elise Sergerie.

Elise is 29 years old. She grew up in Laval and is the mother of a dog called Lady.

Elise has been working in the hospitality industry for 13 years now. She got her first job in a restaurant when she was 16 years old, at a family diner inside a Zellers. She got her first bartending job at a neighborhood Italian bar just when she turned 18. She worked as a bartender ever since, but really fell in love with the world of cocktails when she was working at a restaurant called Delmo in Montreal’s Old Port. One of her workmates showed her how fun and creative making craft cocktails can be and how rewarding it is when a guest takes its first sip and goes “wow!”. After that, she worked at Le Mal Nécessaire where she learned how to be fast and work efficiently at a very high speed. She is now the bar chef at Bar George where she, amongst other things, is in charge of the cocktail menu and of building the back bar.

Elise has done her fair share of bartending competitions and is not thinking about competing for more than she already has, with the exception of World Class which she really wants to try when it will possible to do so. One piece of advice she would offer younger bartenders is to learn how to understand the synchronicity of measurements when building a drink. To pour all equal measures at the same time and understand how to very quickly do so with pretty much every drink.

What Elise likes most about bartending is the creative aspect of the job as well as the fact that when she is in the middle of a big rush, she becomes very peaceful when there is absolutely nothing else on her mind other than making the next round of drinks. She becomes calm and focused and that state of mind is what pleases her most. Even if she loves bartending, she is slowly getting tired of finishing extremely late and is starting to think about trying something new, like taking barber classes. Elise is a very passionate and creative person, so it’s no surprise that she is a firm believer that it is never too late to start something new and that she wants to extend her creative arch.


A little bit more about Elise...

The three words that describe her best: humoristic – bon vivant – methodological

One thing she has yet to achieve on her life bucket list: There are three things: bungee jumping, World Class, and Tales of the Cocktails.

One thing she has achieved on her life bucket list: Skydiving. The level of euphoria she experienced after was beyond words.

Life motto: It’s all or nothing.

Fun fact about Elise: One of the things she loves most is to do to McDonald's, order an oreo McFlurry and a dip her French fries in it.

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