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Elizabeth Schneider, bar manager & consultant

A portrait of Elizabeth Schneider, from Calgary, Alberta.
Elizabeth Schneider

This is Elizabeth Schneider, from Calgary.

Elizabeth is 29 years old and was born and raised in Calgary. She left the city to move outside of Alberta three times, once to live in Vancouver, once in Victoria, and the other time in China. When she graduated from high school, she worked in retail for a couple of years before she found her way into the hospitality industry.

She got her first job in service when a friend of hers was opening his own place and hired her to be a server. Being naturally quiet and a little bit socially awkward, serving wasn’t exactly the best fit for her. She asked her friend if he could give her a chance at the bar, and that was a great move. She loved how creative it was and went all in. This is where she learned a lot about classic cocktails and bartending techniques. A little over six years later, she now has helped to open eight venues across the city and has gained a lot of experience in different types of bars. She worked at a Korean restaurant, then moved to China and got a bartending job at a Japanese restaurant when she moved back to Calgary, where she ended up managing the bar program. She was also voted Calgary’s best bartender in 2020.

The next logical step for her was to orient her career towards consulting, which she has started to do full-time in the last few months. She founded her own business called Elle Consulting and offers restaurants and events consulting services, as well as cocktail tutorials for social media and writing articles for better restaurant practices.

One thing we know is that Elizabeth masters her craft and sure knows how to hustle. We have no doubt that her consulting services will contribute to making Calgary’s cocktail scene shine even more and we wish her all the best in her new projects.

For Elizabeth's cocktail recipe, click here.


A little bit more about:

The three words that describe her best: quiet – intense – weird

The biggest lesson that her job taught her: Not everything deserves a reaction.

What she likes most about bartending: She just loves the ability to be creative. You don’t find a lot of jobs where you get to do that every day.

The next thing that she wants to learn: She would like to learn more about cooking, and then apply those skills in bartending.

How does she drink her martini: Vodka, super-super wet with a twist.

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