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Emily Gosling, global brand ambassador.

A portrait of Emily Goslings, global brand ambassador for Goslings rum.
Emily Goslings

This is Emily Gosling, from Vancouver, global brand ambassador of Goslings rum.

Emily is 33 years old and is originally from Bermuda, where her family has been making Goslings rum since 1806. Born and raised in Bermuda, she moved to Canada when she was 14 years old to go to school in Port Hope, Ontario. Then when she was 19, she moved to Vancouver to go to UBC. Upon graduating, she went back to the school she went in Port Hope and worked as a residential assistant and associate faculty during the school year, and would work in summer camps in Vermont during off-school season.

Then in 2013, instead of going back to work at summer camp, she took a brand ambassador job as an intern in London. She was more of an assistant, but she started to understand the concept of a brand ambassador and to learn about a different side to her family business. She started talking to other brand ambassadors that taught her a lot, meanwhile, her wine director in Bermuda would take her on rum tours that they would do on cruise ships and it gave her a sense of what it would be to talk about rum and its history. It became her passion, but she still wanted to pursue teaching, which she did for another three years.

It was in 2016 that Emily officially signed on as the global brand ambassador for Goslings. The position didn’t really exist at the time, so it took a couple of years to carve out what her role really would be. She got to work in Australia, London, Europe, Canada, and other communities that want to learn more about the history of Goslings. In 2018, she moved back to London, which was very meaningful for her since it was where it had all started. When she had first been to London in 2013, she didn’t really know anyone and the people there really took her in and made her feel included in the community. It’s what ignited her passion for hospitality. But it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 that she really felt the incredible support from the hospitality industry, in London for sure, but also everywhere.

A picture of Goslings rum bottle.
Goslings Rum

For her, the hospitality industry has a special significance itself. She was kind of pulled into it and it saved her in some ways. It has been an incredible source of support and inspiration in her path. It’s what led her to meet her soon-to-be husband, David Bulters. An overall, she feels like it’s pretty special and that there’s something to be said about it. Talking about rum also has a special meaning for her, since it’s a tangible product that represents so much of what her family has been through, what they have been able to pass down, and what they have been able to overcome in order to still be an 8th generation product today.

So overall, Emily found a way to use her passion for teaching and communicating in a way that makes her feel closer to her family, all the while being in an industry that she loves. We felt pretty privileged to be able to meet with her and share her story with you today. Her path is definitely one of a kind, and one to inspire for sure.


A little bit more about Emily...

The three words that describe her best: clumsy – motivated – emotional

Her advice for people that want to get into the brand world: Don’t be afraid to just reach out and ask questions. Be true to yourself, know what are your strengths, and know that sometimes your differences are what make you special in your own way. And don’t be afraid to ask and learn what you don’t know.

Fun fact about her: She’s a huge surfing addict and could name all the competitors for World Championships. She’s a Lord of the Rings geek. So basically, she’s a trivia ninja.

One thing she still hasn’t done on her life to-do list: Go to New Zealand. She’s been wanting to go since a very young age.

One drink to bring on a desert island: A twist on a Penicillin & Dark and Stormy that bartender Jordan Coelho made her at Bartholomew in Vancouver.

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