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Gia Bach Nguyen, bartender

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Gia is 28 years old. He has two sisters and grew up in Villeray, Montreal.

Gia is the type of person that likes to learn the basis of everything rather than being the expert in one thing, an all-around type of guy like he says. He studied economy, actuarial mathematics and computer science before he realized he wanted to learn how to teach mathematics, which he also studied at university. Oh! and did we mention that he just finished an accounting class? Overall, he is the type of person that wants to understand the conversation regardless of the subject that is being discussed. This being said, he has a sweet spot for technology. He built his own computer. He has artificial intelligence at his place. We were amazed.

Gia has been working in the hospitality industry since he was 13 years old. He worked at his parent’s restaurant for a few years before stirring away from this industry for a little while, until he was 21 years old. At that time, one of his goals was to promote Asian cultures so he decided to go work for the Le Red Tiger, a Vietnamese restaurant famous for its delicious food and cocktails. He started as a busser and worked his way up.

As he was learning new skills, he discovered new passions, and that is what led him to the cocktail world. Along the way, he met some very inspiring people. One of these people is Pierre-Hugues Marois, who showed Gia a geekier and more intellectual approach to bartending that particularly spoke to him. Today, Gia bartends and creates the cocktail menu at one of the city’s best restaurants, le Bremner.

One advice he offers to younger bartenders is to be humble and to listen. Like he says, when you talk, you are not learning anything.

Today, Gia tries to promote and build a stronger network with Asian cultures in Montreal. He explained to us that for many people from his parents’ generation, opening a restauration was a decision made for surviving rather than by passion. He would like to get together with people his age to open a restaurant that would promote Asian cultures in a project led by passion. We wish him the best of luck!



Three words that describe him best are

Selftaught / introvert / extrovert

Life Moto

Treat others like you want to be treated yourself.

One thing he has achieved on his life bucket list

Travel in Europe for a month when he was 19.

One thing he has yet to achieve on his life bucket list

Go to Asia. Explore his roots, learn about other cultures, go to his parents’ native village in Vietnam.

The quality he likes most about a client

To be open minded.

The biggest lesson his work taught him

If a team is not working in the same direction, the place will not go anywhere. It’s important to be adaptable, with the team and with the guests.

His biggest strength at work

Stress management and adaptability.

His nicest work moment

First thing to understand is that service at Bremner is not a normal service style. There are far too many funny moments to be told. But a good one is that on his first shift at Bremner, he Iced Dany Smile.

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