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Old Fashion du Sous-Bois by Ron Evans

As said by Ron:

"Take a 5 oz apx. rocks glass. Put a decent sized orange zest from a fat navel orange with no pith because pith is gross. Place a raw sugar cube on top. Hit that with 4-6 dashes of Ango. Crush and muddle the sugar into the zest to extract the aromatic oils (the oleo saccharum part). Add 2 fingers of worthy bourbon (I like Bulleit in this drink). Then, and really… I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks…add a half scoop of ice (I know I’m supposed to use a 3 inch square ice cube…but that’s not the Sous Bois Old Fashioned. We didn’t have silicon molds back then ;) ) Stir a few times and serve. Garnish with a sour cherry."

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