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Val Chagnon, bartender and brand ambassador

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Today we introduce you to Val Chagnon.

Val is 31 years old and about to give birth to a new human being. She is from Varennes, a suburb on the South shore of Montreal, and studied Arts and Technologies in Television Production in Jonquière.

Val is a funny and witty character. She has a passion for fixing things (yes, you heard that right, we chose the word passion intently). She is an extremely fast and efficient bartender. She loves blenders or anything that will make her job faster and more efficient. She even started to import spritz on tap. She loves quality wines and spirits. She speaks her mind out loud and is true to herself. If you sit at her bar and meet her, you will understand.

She has been working in this industry for ten years now. She started as a busboy (yes, that was the title back then) at Sky nightclub. She then got into cocktails when she started to work at La Distillerie No1, one of the very first Montreal cocktail bars before the cocktail scene got big in the city. This is where she worked her way up, from busser, barback, server to bartender. It was in this bar that Val discovered the world of cocktails, where she started to be very creative. After that, she got a job as a manager at Le Mal Nécessaire , one of Montreal’s iconic cocktail bars. Before the covid crisis hit, Val was working for the very well-known Elena restaurant, where she was in charge of the spirits selection, cocktail creations and classic cocktail standardization. Val used to work hands in hands with the kitchen to make sure no ingredients would go to waste if they had potential at the bar.

After 10 years of service experience, Val’s favorite part of the job is now to build truly original and interesting back bars with high quality products. This passion of hers resonates in Molly Pitcher Vins & Spiritueux, the spirits agency her and her partner started together that brings to the Quebec market just that, high quality products.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet her, you should. She is a hell of a kind and we love her.


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